Marathi Basic

Marathi Basic

The first programming language in Marathi

I would first like to point out that Marathi Basic is not conventional “Marathi Software” which is commonly software which is in English and helps create and edit documents using devnagri font. This is not an editor. This is not a typesetter. This is not a convertor, translator or transliterator. This is not a word processor. The purpose of this software is entirely different. It is a tool to develop programs which can be truly called Marathi programs. Though these programs are currently console programs like in the days of Qbasic, I am working my hardest to enable a GUI interface development.

Marathi Basic is the first programming language to enable users to write computer programs in Marathi Language. Download MBasic.exe version 5.5. There were a few problems in MBasic lately. I believe they have been removed. You may now download MBasic and run it without any problems. Hey, remember that I am just in college and am working my hardest to keep MBasic out of trouble. So please mail me any problems immediately. It should now run on any wintel (win32 on intel) platform with ease.

MBasic was started in an attempt to introduce programming to students of marathi medium at an early age. Since programming logic is to complicated to learn at an age when they finally do learn english, we decided to teach logic first and the language of choice can be decided by them later on in their lives. Future versions will be designed to be used by power programmers as well. Please send me all your responses on the idea itself and also the package.

MBasic 5.5 has a few changes from version 5.0. First, undo-redo capability has been diabled in the editor. It was eating up a lot of memory. It works faster, and the entire marathi interface system which made MBasic unique has been revamped.

MBasic is an officially dead project. It was my project from four years ago when I was in high school. With college, research, and bigger projects coming on, I've officially stopped absolutely all efforts on MBasic. You may still contact me regarding MBasic since I do enjoy discussing it's concept now. Moreover, there are some great open source projects now that do much more than what MBasic could ever do. However, my commitment to the marathi community is far from over. I am currently working on a bunch of stuff, so feel free to give my homepage a visit and read up on the current projects I'm working on. It is very unlikely that this site will ever be updated in the near future for at least a couple of years so all new information regarding my activities will be available only on my personal homepage.

I've thought of open-sourcing MBasic many times but am too embarassed at the crappy code I've written. It's a very bad interpretor that uses a wierd mixture of the ActiveX scripting control and some of my own code that interprets some special statements like the graphics stuff. Moreover, it was written when I did not really understand formal language theory and theoretical computer science. The MBasic parser is one of the worst pieces of programming in existence today. So trust me, you're much better off not reading the code to MBasic. If you still feel interested, I could mail you a CD with the full source code at nominal cost. I dont have the bandwidth or hosting space to host the code permanently (neither the will to do so).

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